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Audio Emitter


AudioEmitter is an AudioSource preset used by the AudioManager, making it quick and less manual for setting up, through code.

Public Properties

Property Function
IsPlaying Is the clip playing right now? (Read Only)

Public Methods

Method Function
AudioEmitter Creates a new AudioEmitter.
Play Plays an AudioClip in the AudioEmitter if it's not being already used.
ForcePlay Forces the AudioEmitter to stop playing the current AudioClip and play immediately the requested sound.
Stop Immediately stop playing the current AudioClip.
CalculateVolumeByPercent Calculate the AudioEmitter volume by using the formula: (volume = 1 - value / startValue). Useful when you need to start playing a sound at certain point. e.g when the character vitality is below certain point, it will increase the volume as the vitality gets lower.
GetVolume Returns the volume value adjusted by its category.