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Gameplay Manager


Inherits from: Singleton <T>

The Gameplay Manager Script is a reference for the player settings and input bindings. It is mainly used to set the behaviour of the input keys, like holding a button or simply tapping it to do an action.

Editor Properties

Property Function
Gameplay Settings Provides the behaviour settings of several actions, such Running, Aiming and mouse axes.
Input Bindings Provides all buttons and axes used by the character.

Public Properties

Property Function
Instance Access singleton instance through this propriety.
IsDead Is the character dead?
CrouchStyle Returns the input behaviour of the crouching action.
AimStyle Returns the input behaviour of the aiming action.
SprintStyle Returns the input behaviour of the running action.
LeanStyle Returns the input behaviour of the leaning action.
OverallMouseSensitivity Returns the overall mouse sensitivity.
InvertHorizontalAxis Is the horizontal mouse input reversed?
InvertVerticalAxis Is the vertical mouse input reversed?
FieldOfView Returns the main camera field of view used by this character.
Bindings Returns the Input Bindings used by this player.


private void Start()
    // Prints the camera's field of view.